Unexpected Events


We are an events company specialising in Live Roleplay events and experiences, where you take the lead in the action and adventure of the events we produce. From scavenging in the crumbling Wasteland of post-apocalyptic Britain, to infiltrating secret lairs and saving the world in a weekend we pride ourselves on immersive modern Live Roleplay games. Check out our games below to get more information on coming along to play, crew or staff at one of our events...

Wasteland UK is a Live Roleplay game (LRP) set in a post-apocalyptic Britain. 80 years after a global nuclear war, civilisation lies in ruins and the descendants of those lucky enough to survive The Fall do what they can to eke out a life for themselves... You are those survivors. Scavenge for old world tech, forage for food and treat yourself for infection and radiation exposure, all in the surroundings of a retro vision of the future.




Spy! is a Live Roleplay game about secret agents and super spies. Set in the 1980s, your mission at the Federation of International and Global Spies (F.I.G.S) is to thwart villainous plots and secure international peace by any means necessary! Grab your laser watch, grappling hook and Walther PPK and risk everything to save the world in a weekend!

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