The Word in the Wastes

“Rumours you say? Whispers in the night… well, you’ve asked the right person there. See, I keep my ear to the ground and I get all the good information, see?

There are many things that lead to now. The Wastes are a complicated and intertwined thing. But, from what I can tell this is what you need to know from the rumours in the wastes.

There’s a monster on the loose. This isn’t your standard Radbadger or Ghoul. This is a thing of nightmares. A wolf with greater intelligence, strength and size than you would ever imagine. Perhaps you have heard it howling in the distance as you travel? Many have. The rumour is that it once was a man, and it is out for revenge and absolution. He was first encountered at Ricky’s Casino 4 years ago. Many saw it, but few believed.

Apparently this creature found it’s way to The Noone safe house and trading post last year and actually spoke to a group of survivors demanding help.

It would appear that 3 years ago, some bloke stole a thing that could help free the monster… but he then scarpered with it. There’s a group who were there when he stole it, and they are trying to find him, and this do-dad. Reason being, this creature is not to be messed with, and if they don’t, well… who knows what carnage might ensue?

There’s a lovely organisation out there in the Wastes, I know that sounds unlikely, but it is true. The Church of the Meek may be religious, but they are doing good. Whenever you meet one of their number, it is a good idea to stay friendly. Offer them the supplies you can afford, because they will always give you what they can in return, whether that is a safe place for the night, food when you need it most or medical attention. But there is a darker side. I would appear that the Church used to have a more militant faction within their ranks. It makes sense, the days after the war were hard on us all. This group, known as the Lightbringers, were purged from the Church when the time was right and they were no longer needed. However, they seem to have re-emerged, and their goal is not so noble. Few know much of them, but the Church of the Meek are now openly talking of the danger lurking within.

Why am I telling you this? Well, it seems that buried within the churches are artefacts. Mostly old records and things of little monetary value, kept safe from the war that raged. There are rumours, though, of a sword, a thing of value that the Lightbringers want for their own evil ends. If it’s true, it could be bad… if it isn’t, then it’s still a fun day out of the radiation of the Wastes, isn’t it?

That’s the rumours that I know… that’ll be 10 caps. I’ve also go this half roll of toilet paper and a barely used toothbrush if you are interested? Call it 15 caps in all?”

All events are £75 for returning players, £65 for new players to Wasteland UK.

A deposit of £25 (or full payment) is required to book your ticket. Places will not be held with a booking form alone.
Crewing for us is free!

Event 20 - Catacombs

6th to 8th July 2018

Chislehurst Caves

Image courtesy of Labyrinthe

A brother from The Church of the Meek visited with the group at the New Hope safe house and trading post last year. Hearing the story of “Excalibur” and the possible involvements of both the church and the old militant group “The Lightbringers” (thought extinct until very recently) he invited the group to one of the smaller churches in Kent, Despite the building size, the old catacombs underneath are huge. Storing many historical and significant items from before the war.

Will the “Sword” be found?

This event will be held at Chislehurst Caves, Caveside Close, Chislehurst, Kent, BR7 5QX

Crew arrival from 3pm
Player arrival from 4pm
Player and crew briefs and weapons checks at 7pm
Time in Friday 8pm
Time out Sunday by 2pm


This will be indoor camping (yes, you will be sleeping in the caves!) As such a camp bed that raises you off the floor and very warm bedding are essential!

There are indoor toilets, hot and cold water at the sinks.

Additional information:

The caves are around 8 to 10 degrees Celsius all year round and it is damp (90% humidity).

You MUST have walking boots as the floor is uneven.

These are chalk caves, so be prepared to get costume and other items chalky/dirty and everything you own will smell a little musty by the end of the event. However, the caves are an amazing experience, and the atmosphere can not be rivalled!

We advise that you bring battery powered lanterns too.


This will be self catering. So bring plenty of food, and camping stoves.

Ticket price is £75 for existing players, £65 for any player that has never been to one of our events before. Deposit for either type of ticket is £25.

Player spaces limited to 40. If the event is sold out, please email to be added to a waiting list in case a space becomes available.


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